Why should you Say No to Used Tyres?


Did you know that damaged tires appear in more than 60% of traffic accidents related to the condition of the vehicle? The data is from the General Directorate of Traffic (DGT) and is contained in the official accident statistics for 2014. Hence the importance that the agents of the Civil Guard and local police already attach to the state of the decks, along with other systems, such as lighting, in routine inspections of vehicles every day.

Therefore, and being such an important element for active safety behind the wheel, it is surprising to see how some reports show the existence of up to 2 million second-hand covers in the Spanish market without any technical control. Once again, common sense when it comes to replacing tires, and the advice of a trusted professional, seem the best of recommendations before letting us be seduced by a false sense of savings in the next change of covers of our car.

Only by acquiring new car tyres, through an accredited seller, we can be certain that the covers that we are going to mount in our vehicle have passed all the quality and performance tests. It is the only way, also, to make sure that the contact that our vehicle will make with the road will be optimal and that the tires will respond adequately in case of emergency and in any type of weather conditions.

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New tires are synonymous with consumer confidence. In front of a used tire, which we do not know where it comes from or the use to which it has been subjected, a new tire offers fulfilled information to the motorist about its origin and performance. A guarantee that does not usually accompany a second-hand tire. Because, how can a motorist know that a used tire has no internal damage that eventually causes a blowout?

We cannot forget that the new tires adapt to the specific characteristics of each of the cars for which they have been manufactured, to the type of terrain and driving that we carry out with them and that, almost as a living element, they conform to our needs, Therefore, it is easy to understand that the installation of second-hand tires, which have already lived a previous life, compromises their performance in another car, so it is easy to produce annoying vibrations and a notable loss of stability of the car in which They are reused. In no way, therefore, can they guarantee the same braking distance as new tires, with all that this entails. 

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To say the tire is to say safety. If there is a component of the car especially involved in reducing the risk and the consequences of an accident at the wheel that is the tire? It is, together with the brakes and shock absorbers, one of the three fundamental elements of the active safety of a vehicle and is part of the so-called Safety Triangle.

Are you going to put your safety at stake, that of yours and those of whom we share the road with you? For everyone, say no to second-hand tires and rely on the advice of a professional.



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