WooCommerce or Shopify: Which One Should You Choose for Your eCommerce?

Shopify website development

WooCommerce and Shopify both claim to be the most popular and choicest eCommerce platform. People often get confused when it comes o choosing the most powerful and featured adorned eCommerce platform. Well, both have remarkable achievements and it depends upon the requirement of the business which one is appropriate to cater to the needs. Let us know more about these renowned platforms. 

WooCommerce It is actually a plugin that helps your already existing website to turn into an online store so that you can sell services and products online. WooCommerce is operated with WordPress. 

  • Easy installation: WooCommerce enables web designers and website developers to operate on WooCommerce with great ease, it takes a shorter time to set up and within minutes you will be able to sell your services and products. 
  • WordPress: This eCommerce platform is powered by WordPress; WordPress experts are always there to combat any issues in the WooCommerce platform. It gives a simple and powerful interface to the website. 
  • Safety: Dedicated IP and Install SSL certificates are reliable to keep your site’s info intact and safe. 
  • Themes: there is no need to work on codes, WooCommerce offers a variety of enchanting themes and plugins which are easy to install. It does not matter whether you are a beginner or a pro; you will get a fabulous business website that works incredibly. 
  • Functional plugins: Plugins offered by WooCommerce enhance the functionality of your website. You can get the user’s contact address and info which can be used to generate sales leads. With the help of plugins, you can improve your SEO, efficiently display media in the form of a slideshow, galleries, and sliders, boost the speed of your site, create a more advanced navigating feature and build multilingual sites. All these features facilitate the functionality of the site. 

Therefore, by choosing WooCommerce you can add a great look and feel to your website, making it more capable of selling products and services. 

Shopify: Shopify is a cloud-based hosting solution to sell services and products worldwide. Shopify is all in one package for creating and publishing a business website. It adorns the website with a great look and incredible features. You can get easy to use interface with the help of expert Shopify web developers at a low cost.

  • Fully customized solution: Shopify offers a fully customized solution to your business website. Every business has its own terms and requirements. By choosing Shopify as an eCommerce platform you can give your website that unique functionality. Countless themes and templates are handy to use and customize as per the need of your business.
  • Advanced functionality: Plugin/application style platform unable you to download, install, and customize the site. It enhances the social media promotion functionality of your site. The email autoresponder feature takes your sales perspective in a long way
  • Varieties of payment gateway: Shopify offers different payment gateways to the customers. Moreover, it has its own payment gateway that can be operated at no transaction fee. It is significant to maintain its own payment processor. 
  • Free Trial Pack: Shopify delivers the opportunity to take a trial pack and no more about Shopify features free of cost. Here you can test all the advanced features Shopify delivers to your online store. 
  • Appealing online store: you can create unique and beautiful online stores with the help of customizable Shopify themes and templates. Give your business website a professional feel with inbuilt themes as well as utilize a theme kit. 
  • Speed: Speed adds a great contribution to the success of an online store. Many customers leave the site due to a lack of browsing speed. Faster browsing speed facilitate and stimulate your sale and retain more customers at your site. 
  • Inbuilt marketing tool: Shopify offers inbuilt marketing tools, these tools allow your site to add pages, meta titles, and URLs. You can optimize your online store moreover it also integrates with popular social media sites Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest globalizing your website. 

Shopify entails everything you need to feature your eCommerce website. This technically efficient software serves as a complete package of features and value-added factors for your Ecommerce website. CloveCode is an eminent Shopify website development and web design company that provides top-rated quality services to your online business site. It is one-stop shop for businesses to leverage their online store with incredible features, functionality, and looks. 


Shopify website development

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