WordPress Web Design Trends 2021

WordPress Web Design

WordPress powers about 39.6% of the internet in 2021 (source: Hosting Tribunal). As the CMS is going through lots of changes and updates, WordPress web design trends are continuously changing. Today, we will take a close look at some of the latest trends that are here to stay – 2021 and beyond! So, let’s dive in!

Minimalistic & Responsive Themes

Minimalism is everywhere. Only the essential elements and information are placed in a wide array of white space – people love that! There are lots of minimal themes available to check out and use.

Also, the mobile-friendliness of the themes is yet another crucial aspect as over half of the website traffic comes from mobile devices. Clutter-free website development with minimalist and responsive WordPress themes is the first trend you cannot overlook.

Drag and Drop Page Builder

WordPress Web Design is opening a horizon for people who are not technical gurus. Drag and drop page builders are popular for customizing web pages.

If you are not yet introduced to drag and drop page builder, here’s a quick overview. It is a tool that enables one to customize web pages without coding. You can select a layout or theme and drag pre-set elements to where you want to place them. You can add various items like images, videos, titles, galleries, forms, text blocks, slideshows, footers, buttons, menus, and other components. Before finishing, you can preview the look and make the necessary adjustments.

By using these, you can get full control over how the site will look and feel. You can create flexible layouts without any hassles. Elementor and Divi are two popular drag and drop plugins for WordPress.

Multipurpose WordPress Themes

WordPress themes can be broadly categorized as multipurpose and niche themes. There’s a significant difference between the duo.

Niche themes are the templates designed for a specific type of project. For instance, you can find themes for blogs, online stores, podcasting, real estate sites, etc. On the other hand, multipurpose themes offer a wide range of options. Here, a single theme can be customized to suit the specific purposes of a site. The same theme can be used for multiple projects with different customizations.

According to the experts of website design companies, multipurpose themes offer more flexibility. This is ideal for a website with multiple goals or very distinct sections. 2021 will witness increasing demand for multipurpose themes.

Chatbot Integration

Chatbots are favored by companies and web traffic alike. About 1.4 billion people now use chatbots on a fairly regular basis. Instead of placing the users in a queue to chat with a real person or wait for the availability of the executive, chatbots can simultaneously handle multiple inquiries and provide instant assistance.

Besides the blog, ERP, and social media integration, businesses prefer to integrate chatbots into their website. And this is resulting in an increasing demand for WordPress chatbot plugins (for example, WPBot – a native WordPress chatbot plugin).

Video Backgrounds

Adding videos to a website is not a new thing. However, using video backgrounds and headers has set the trend in WordPress development. By integrating attractive videos into your site, you can make the site more engaging. These are also ideal for conveying an important aspect of your business in a quick and easily consumable way.


Slider is one of the most popular design elements for WordPress. With a slider, you can easily highlight your company, product, and services, share more content in one place and grab the visitors’ attention.

If you are opting for an autoplaying slider, be careful to set an appropriate speed of transition. If it’s too fast, people may not consume the information and get irritated.


The internet is no longer dominated by the English language. If you want to go global, paying attention to this is crucial. How can you attract clients that don’t understand anything written on your site in English? Do you need to create different websites for different regions?

Nope! Website translation is here to help. There are two ways to translate a website – an automatic translation or a manual one. The first option, however, is not reliable as the automatic translation often results in various mistakes in the text.

WordPress brings you various plugins like TranslatePress, WPML, etc. to translate site content, plugins, and meta-data. That way, you can reach everyone in an optimal way. If you don’t want to get into these technical matters, simply hire WordPress developers and get your job done.

Thumb Scrolling Friendly Design

The mobile-friendly WordPress design is not a new thing anymore. 2021 is about to take the next leap. It is going to be the year of thumb scrolling-friendly designs.

It refers to the manner in which the majority of people scroll through a website on mobile devices. While the older generation may still have the habit of holding a device in one hand and scrolling with the index finger of the other hand, the younger generation is used to scrolling with thumbs.

Taking note of this, more and more WordPress web design may come to the forefront that includes a highly visible menu bar and position the icons towards the center of the screen. This will ensure easy reach with both thumbs.

Better Shopping Experience

How can we possibly close a discussion about WordPress without talking about its eCommerce plugin – WooCommerce! This is the year of an enhanced mobile shopping experience and WooCommerce is bringing revolutionary features to fulfill that aim. For instance, it now offers a 360-degree image feature that offers an immersive experience to the users. They can explore the product in finer detail. WooCommerce Darwin Pricing Integration allows you to add geo-targeted coupon codes. Such sales boosters help to increase revenue at your e-store.

Large Businesses Turning to WordPress

Once considered as a platform for blogs and small organizations, WordPress web design has now emerged as a robust CMS that even large enterprises rely on to power their online presence. Some of these massive companies include BBC America, The Walt Disney Company, Vogue, Mercedes-Benz, etc. With these emerging trends, more and more businesses will opt for WordPress to build their websites.


WordPress Web Design

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