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Guest Post Feed provides an opportunity to submit a guest post on our website. We accept guest posts on Finance, Business, Tech News, Social media, Law, education, Marketing, Business blogging, Startup and Entrepreneurship, and other various categories of topics to write for us.

Do you have prime expertise on a topic that you’d love to share with our audience? These are a great way to share your experience and advice with others so that they can start, and grow businesses and their financial situations. Write for us to get Expand your outreach, Promote your Business, Link building, and much more.

Guidelines for Guest Post Feed

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Guest Post Submission Guide – Write for us

Guidelines to follow before sending an article to us:

Only original, unique, relevant, well-written content will be considered. If you have published this article elsewhere, don’t bother submitting it here –
We check Copyscape and Google before we publish!

  • The content must be 1000+ words.
  • Avoid any grammatical errors.
  • All images should be original, licensed, or public domain.
  • Accept content only, if it gives value to the readers.
  • Headings (h2,h3,h4) are preferred accordingly.
  • 1 – 2 Internal links are required to relevant content on Guestpostfeed.com
  • Add relevant source link(s) (optional)
  • We accept only 1 do-follow link in total.
  • Please provide a meta title & meta description.
  • All your articles posts under the admin/editor only.
  • We are selective about what posts we publish. Your writing should be well-written, interesting, unique, and informative.
  • Add a Minimum 3 FAQs (At the end of the article)

If your quality articles are ready according to our guidelines please send and get the opportunity to be global with your thinking. Please email your pitch or article at guestpostfeed@gmail.com OR you can contact us using this contact form.

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